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There is a Dragon in My Closet

 Author: Raymond Leo Blain  Category: Children, Fiction  Publisher: Tate Publishing  Published: 2015  Country: United States  Buy Now

She tries to capture the thief to prove she is telling the truth, only to find herself trapped in a land of fire-breathing red dragon lizards, snow-breathing flying blue dragons, and a myriad of strange short people who all dislike and distrust each other.
Amanda makes a promise to Thunder, a baby blue dragon, to help her get home. That promise leads to many challenges, adventures, and misadventures. Amanda must prove her honesty, bravery, knowledge, ingenuity, leadership, and wisdom as she faces dragons, thieves, spies, strangers and reluctant allies.
Readers of all ages will be captivated by Amanda’s bravery in the face of many dangers and surprises. There’s a Dragon In My Closet shows how the bullied wallflower can become the cherished rose.