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The Don

 Author: Lillie Timmons  Category: Fiction, Romance  Publisher: Page Publishing  Published: 2022  ISBN: 978-1662477393  Country: United States  Buy Now

Bella Rossellini, a young widow, mother, and athlete, is looking for work at the end of the semester break. Upon applying at the casino for a summer job, Bella finds the staff to be abrupt and rude, deciding a casino job is not for her. As she leaves the casino, she doesn’t realize she has captured the attention of a mafia don.

Ettore Antonelli, the don and owner of the casino, is sitting in his office, recovering from a hangover. While viewing one of the monitors, he catches sight of a beautiful young woman who enters the casino. His interest is piqued as he watches her on her way to the personnel office to submit her application for a part-time job. He’s attracted to Bella and decides to get more information on the beautiful young woman.

Ettore pursues Bella and keeps his identity as the mafia don a secret. Bella believes he’s a wealthy CEO as their relationship progresses. When Bella discovers Ettore’s true identity, she runs in fear. In an effort to reestablish control over Bella, he punishes her, resulting in an outcome he had not anticipated.

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