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Ropen Island

 Author: Lois Buchter  Category: Fantasy, Fiction  ISBN: 978-1961195028  Buy Now

Dr. David Lane, tormented by his wife’s tragic end, leads a scientific expedition into the heart of Papua New Guinea in search of a diabetes cure. The team, delving into the unknown jungles, watches glowing orbs, deep into unchartered territory, blink in the distance. The natives call the animals, Pterodactyl-like creatures, death-eaters or Ropen, stalking at night with an appetite for humans and crocodiles. Familial tensions rise when David’s son, fiancĂ©e, and estranged brother join the expedition, adding a layer of unresolved conflict to the unfolding scientific mystery.

As the team pushes deeper into ROPEN ISLAND, reconciling family dynamics becomes a high-stake endeavor when they decide to follow the trail of the creatures out to an island off the coast. The treacherous journey, rife with peril and ancient creatures, takes a dark turn when an injured team member, Billy, tests the limits of their commitment.

Will they make it back to civilization?

If you like an edge-of-your-seat action-adventure story with a bit of humor and monster hunting, this is the book for you!

It’s Out, Hungry, and Coming for You!

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