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ORP Orzel

 Author: Bernard Wozny  Category: Dramatized History, History  Publisher: Ingram Spark  Published: 2022  ISBN: 9798985551723  Pages: 325  Country: United States  Buy Now

“The greatest adventure story to come out of the war”

           – Sir Winston Churchill

The WW2 Polish submarine ORP Orzeł, modern for its day. Pride of the Polish fleet.

Envy of the Kriegsmarine. Hounded by the Nazis

Seemingly abandoned by her captain.

Interned under Nazi pressure in a neutral port, the remaining officers and crew perform a daring escape!

With nowhere to go, not even home, they flee to join the British Navy. Sailing to Britain leads them through even more danger!

This is the true story of the ORP Orzeł.

More importantly, this is the Spirit of Poland!