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Finding My Soul: Five Years at the Findhorn Community

 Author: Bonnie B Blue  Category: Memoir, Non Fiction, Self Help  Publisher: Ingram Spark  Published: 2022  ISBN: 9798986228600  Country: United States  Buy Now

In Finding My Soul: Five Years at the Findhorn Community, Bonnie Blue describes her emotional and spiritual journey while a member of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. She details the lessons she learned in the intense crucible of community life. Each chapter is a step forward in her growth from an anxious young adult to a more conscious and empowered woman. Her experiences take her through times of healing and painful awakenings that later inform her work as a psychotherapist. All of this she shares freely, her writing intensely personal and self-reflective.

What was it like to be a member of the well-known Findhorn community? Considered by many to be a mystery school of the twentieth century, this memoir can be seen as a primer for applying techniques commonly used in the community. Examples of inner guidance, manifestation, and cooperation with the nature kingdom weave through the author’s vividly detailed journey to a more soul-infused life. Her dreams and the symbolism found in the everyday are linked to her transformative path. Many of her stories may seem fantastical, yet what is conveyed is the magic that is possible in a normal person’s life if one only looks for it.

Each chapter ends with thoughtful commentary and suggests useful practices. She makes it clear anyone can create a more enriching relationship with their own soul, by looking within.

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