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Fairy Tales for Life

 Author: Linda Champion  Category: Children  Published: 2014  Country: United States

Only wicked witches think fairy tales are just for children. Enter the realm of talking animals, magic clocks, dragon slayers, and dancing fairies. Will the mysterious wanderer find his long-lost love? Will the proud prince betray the beautiful villager? Fairy Tales for Life, a collection of original stories by Linda Champion, updates the classic literary genre for readers young and old. Imagination, not age, is the only requirement for entrance into this magical world.
The fourteen stories found in Fairy Tales for Life are all set in a different otherworldly realm. There are loves lost and won, dreams broken and sometimes restored, riches gone as quickly as they appeared, and a myriad of lessons learned. Some tales will make you weep with joy. Others will have you clutching your heart and reaching out to embrace those you love. But each will leave you wanting to be the kind of person who spreads more love throughout the world.