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A More Perfect Democracy: Modernizing the United States Constitution for the 21st Century

 Author: Raymond Leo Blain  Category: Non Fiction, Politics  Publisher: Ingram Spark  Published: 2024  ISBN: 979-8988726104  Country: United States  Buy Now

Do you want a better democracy with more power for the voters; to restore the balance of power between the three federal branches; have the people elect the President and Vice President, not the Electoral College that has been choosing candidates with the lesser of the popular vote; to finally get true representation in the Senate based on population; have the voters able to overrule the Supreme Court by constitutional amendment; to take big and dark money out of politics? This book offers changes to the Constitution that could do all of these things and more to make our country a more perfect democracy with power From, To and For ALL the people.

The proposed updated Constitution offers increased powers for the people including ways to restore the balance of power to the existing branches of the federal government and making the PEOPLE a defacto  oversight and power limiting new factor in our federal government.

Every American who loves our country, wants to strengthen our democracy, and limit the ability of autocrats to destroy it and take all power, need to read this book and its suggestions.
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