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Shanghaied in Singapore

 Author: Mark Heckey  Category: Fiction  Publisher: Kindle  Published: 2023  ISBN: B0BZQPX3XV  Country: United States  Buy Now

While on a vacation to Singapore, a Silicon Valley family of four experiences a major crisis when teenage Angelica and younger brother Elon are kidnapped by a pair of enterprising computer hackers. The parents, Nolan and Meg, are computer executives on a sales mission at the annual Electronics Fair. They are so absorbed by business that their adventurous children begin their own tour of the city. Fortunately, the kidnappers are all bark and no bite. The bumbling criminals begin an effort to extort money for the return of the children. The Singapore Police investigate and set up a sting near the famous Super Trees. The parents realize that their consumption with business has lead to the children being at risk. They decide that they must act boldly and quickly to save Angelica and Elon.