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 Author: Amy Rogers  Category: Non Fiction  Published: 2018  ISBN: 978-1940419213  Buy Now

In this fascinating collection, Dr. Amy Rogers holds her nose at a landfill, pets a snake, listens to an iron lung, votes for a science idol, watches fish climb a ladder, buys earthquake insurance, visits a water treatment plant, and much more as she explores the science and engineering behind Sacramento transportation, weather, utilities, ecology, and health.

Whether you live in Northern California or not, you’ll find answers to questions you took for granted, and practical tips that you can use at home—because science is in everybody’s neighborhood.

Where does my garbage go? Why does the price of gasoline go up in late spring? What causes the Delta breeze? Who keeps local mosquito populations in check? What is a vernal pool? Where does my tap water come from? How does Sacramento stay dry during flood season? When should I use a defibrillator? Why is it so hard to roast a turkey? After I flush, what happens?