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In Your Dreams!

 Author: Dana Michaels  Category: Romance  Publisher: SurfCat Books  Published: 2022  ISBN: 9798985561913  Country: United States  Buy Now

American Katerina Mancini has had nothing but disappointment in relationships, and swore-off romantic entanglements years ago. During a trip to London, a chance meeting has her face-to-face with British actor and reputed Lothario Jamie Knight. He’s more down-to-earth than his PR suggests, but Kat once worked in Hollywood and knows men like him are heartaches looking for a place to happen.

To British audiences, Jamie Knight is a rising TV star and a ladies’ man who dreams of joining Hollywood’s A-list. But now in his forties, he’s tired of pretending to be a playboy just for publicity. Could anyone love him just for himself—not his career or income? He’s ready to be a one-woman man with a trustworthy person who has compatible interests and values, and isn’t star-struck. Kat Mancini ticks every box. She’s intriguing, nice, and he can’t get her out of his head, but she didn’t seem interested in him. Might she be The One who would give him a chance? Perhaps, if he can get close enough to prove himself.

(eBook/Kindle and paperback)

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