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Dying For a Daiquiri

 Author: Cindy Sample  Category: Humour, Mystery  Publisher: Cindy Sample Books  Published: 2013  Country: United States  Buy Now

When Laurel McKay attends a Hawaiian wedding, her vacation soon becomes more deadly than the calorie count in her daiquiri.
Her post-wedding holiday upends after a beautiful hula dancer is found dead on the rocks below Daiquiri Dave’s, the oceanfront restaurant owned by Laurel’s brother and sister-in-law.
When the police arrest a family member for the murder, Laurel is plunged into a mystery where exotic Big Island locations––a coffee plantation, black sand beaches and a volcano—reveal their deadly side. And where is her hunky on-again/off-again boyfriend detective when she needs him?
Laurel zip-lines and four-wheels her way through the island paradise unearthing hidden secrets. Will ingenuity and pluck be enough? Or will this hula be her last?