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Businesses Don’t Fail They Commit Suicide

 Author: Larry Mandelberg  Category: Business, Non Fiction  Publisher: Page Publishing  Published: 2023  ISBN: 978-1-6624-3821-9  Country: United States  Buy Now

FINALLY, a guide for the overlooked real growth years.

Why Do Businesses Fail?


Most businesses fail, not due to external forces, but because their success brings unfamiliar problems that the owners and managers do not know how to solve.


In Businesses Don’t Fail, serial entrepreneur Larry Mandelberg shows business owners how to survive their success and create sustainable, profitable growth by understanding:

  • The only 3 reasons why businesses.
  • 8 leading, non-financial indicators of organizational capacity to succeed.
  • The danger of confusing symptoms with root problems.
  • The primary causes of failure for a business in each stage of maturity.
  • How to avoid unnecessary, unintentional, and premature failure.

Based on 40+ years of experience, interviews with 250+ business leaders, and real-life anecdotes, Businesses Don’t Fail is the first user guide for navigating the turbulence of growing a successful business. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in helping their organization thrive, survive, and achieve their long-term vision (a.k.a. the big, hairy, audacious goal!)



“Mandelberg’s insights are time-tested and engaging…concisely packaged expertise for immediate application in any business.”

─Jeffery Dern, President and CEO, PRIDE Industries

“If you are starting a business or currently managing a business, put this book on your required reading list. From start-up to maturity, it covers all the needs for building a successful business including sales, finance, marketing and human resources.”

─Galen Klokkevold, President, Interstate Plastics ( retired )

“I have had the luxury of Larry’s guidance in the growth of my business for the last 30 years and benefited greatly.  I only wish I had access to the accumulated wisdom in his book on day one.”

─Douglas Worth, Partner, Chairman, WORTHGROUP Architects.