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No More Illusions

 Author: Daniel Babka  Category: Fiction, Mystery  Publisher: Blue Squirrel Press  Published: 2016  ISBN: 0991060121  Pages: 408  Country: United States  Buy Now

An accomplished, ambitious crime fiction, a multilayered tale that has shades of California noir à la Chinatown. 5 STARS, “Best Books of 2014” from IndieReader. “…Written in the style of Elmore Leonard,” says the San Francisco Book Review. Part mystery, part suspense, part romance, an exploration of contemporary morality and temptation. Dylan Blake, a rookie cop at age 40 promoted to detective, finds his vacation interrupted when the Chief of Police asks him to take a look at an accident scene along the Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur. Blake’s discovery pulls him back to his own painful memories and sets a chain of events in motion that unearth a family’s secrets about murder and the way morality can be made to bend as the story moves back and forth between Big Sur’s dramatic coastline, Northern California, and Utah.