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Members of the Sacramento Branch are writers or aspiring writers. Some are aspiring to be published, others are published many times over. Members include doctors, teachers, lawyers and scientists, and represent genres that include fiction, short story, novel, screenwriting, poetry, music composition, textbook, juvenile, children’s books, nonfiction and ghost writing. This variety affords members the chance to gain valuable information and advice from each other as they strive to grow, diversify and succeed in a competitive field.

How to become a New Member

To join the Sacramento Branch of the California Writers Club, contact Gini Grossenbacher or use the CWC Sacramento Annual Membership Renewal 2015-2016. Learn more from our club brochure: CWC Member brochure. Membership year is July 1 through June 30.

Annual dues are $45 with a one-time enrollment fee of $20 to join (lapsed members must also pay enrollment fee).

Online Renewal for 2015-2016 Membership Year

Now you can renew your valuable membership in CWC-Sacramento online! Pay via PayPal below, and fill out this PDF CWC Sacramento Annual Membership Renewal 2015-2016 with your details. Then email the form to Gini Grossenbacher.

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