California Writers Club Literary Review first issue on its way!

Attention CWC members: watch for your copy of the inaugural issue of the

California Writers Club Literary Review, soon to arrive in your



The WinterSpring 2012 edition contains fiction, memoirs, essays, mood

pieces, poems and cartoons about love and death, longing and madness,

horses, poison, Vincent Van Gold and his obsession with colors, the attics

of our memories, floundering about aimlessly searching for the meaning of

life instead of living it, the quirkiness of writing and aspiring for

recognition, and absolutely so much more.


We can take pride in the talent of our fellow members as we read the

Literary Review and show it to prospective members. You might find it so

worthwhile that next time the call goes out, you’ll study the guidelines

in the back of the issue and send in a submission or two of your own.

Appearing in this handsome magazine definitely counts as a credit for you,

and your best work will make it a better publication. We all benefit from



We may not wind up with many extras to keep on hand, so the magazine has

the potential of becoming a collectible. Nonetheless, consider mentioning

at meetings that if members do not want to keep their copies, your board

or branch would like to have them for future use.


So read on,

Sail on, and by all means,


Donna McCrohan Rosenthal

CWC PR Chair